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METRICAL INC. supports the adoption of high standards of corporate governance and ethics by companies, on the belief that well-managed companies should utilize internationally recognized governance practices in board independence, performance based executive compensation, transparency, succession planning and audit practices and consider environmental and social practices. Therefore, the company seeks to encourage management to enhance corporate governance on the policy of maximizing shareholders’ return for a long term. This is also believed to help well business (es) grow in the long‐ term interests of shareholders and result in the same interest of other stakeholders in the long term. The principle complies with The Corporate Governance of Listed Companies: A Manual for Investors – Second Edition 2009, published by CFA Institute, Charlottesville, Virginia USA. All rights reserved.


The Corporate Governance of Listed Companies: A Manual for Investors

Corporate Governance Evaluation

Measuring the Quality of Management and the Integrity of Corporate Culture for Profitable Investing

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METRICAL evaluates corporate governance of a company based on the principles through profound analysis in qualitative and quantitative approach. The company uses more than 30 factors in scoring process on the following items.

1 Board and management

role/functions/qualifications/independence of directors/size and selection process/Board Committees/independence of Committee members/reporting of Concerns to non-employee directors or the audit Committee/annual Compensation review of senior management/policy on poison pills/

2 Shareholders meeting and IR

AGM date/electronic voting/English convocation/IR disclosures/investors meeting

3 Cross holding shares

4 Management objective and shareholder return

mid-term management plan/quantitative objective/dividend policy/capital policy

5 Responsibilities of Board

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