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IR Services: Although we have the structure and capability to perform this service, we have never provided this service to any issuing company since our establishment. There are no plans to do so in the future.

METRICAL INC. offers consulting and solutions to meet various needs of each client such as an investor, a corporation and other organizations on IR services on-demand basis. Particularly for overseas investors who are interested or invest in Japanese equities, investment professionals offer appropriate solutions and assistance of following needs.

1 Company Visit/Telephone Conference

  • Making appointments with company management
  • Translation at meetings

2 Corporate Governance Research

  • Corporate governance rating
  • Proxy voting advice
  • Advisory services on other corporate governance issues

3 Investment Research

  • Research reports on viewpoint of global investors
  • Enquiry to company management on behalf of investors

3 Others

  • Translation of document including financial reports/annual reports/other materials
  • Responding to peripheral needs

The services focus on best practices for analyzing  risks in capital markets through expertise and experience in investment management, economic research and risk management. By providing customized research and advisory services, the company believes it offers to add value to investment and risk management for clients. For overseas investors, the company also provides solutions for each client’s needs.

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For investors who are interested in the services, please contact us through link below. Further research will provide for each customer basis.

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