CG Consulting and Solutions



METRICAL INC. offers a full service CG consulting and solutions.

  1. CG research & rating (monthly updated)
  2. CG monthly topics letter
  3. Proxy voting advice
  4. CG research on holding shares
  5. Advisory services on other corporate governance issues


The detail of each service listed above is shown below.


1. CG research & rating

METRICAL INC. offers corporate governance (CG) ratings of more than 450 Japanese public companies (the core-research universe includes TOPIX100, JPX400 and candidates of composites of the both Indices).

CG Rating (sample): Rating order

CG Rating (sample): Alphabetical order

CG Rating (sample): Japanese Security # order


Also, we analyze relationship between stock price performance and corporate governance ratings. The analysis shows obvious divergence in stock performances between “Top CG companies” and “Bottom CG Companies” and “Top CG 20 companies” and market indices of Topix and JPX400.

CG Rating Stock Performance: Top 10 companies Vs. Bottom 10 companies

CG Rating Stock Performance: Top 20 companies Vs. Topix and JPX400


Detail of CG rating analysis is described in the following.

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2. CG Company Research Report

We provide CG research reports of an individual company. The research reports help to measure improvement in corporate governance of a company. Ordinary report will be issued once a year after AGM of a company and extraordinary report will be issued if CG of a company significantly changes.  


3. CG monthly topics letter

We provide CG topics letter monthly basis.

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4. Proxy voting advice

We advise proxy voting advice on each AGM agenda of holding shares, stating “For” or “Against” with specific reasons.


5. CG research on holding shares

We offer CG research and solutions on a specific company on client’s demand, inquiring company management on behalf of a client and feeding back with solutions.


6. Advisory services on other corporate governance issues

We will help clients advise on other CG issues.



If investors and other organizations are interested in further research on individual companies listed/not listed on the core-research universe, please contact us through Information & Inquiry. Further research will provide on each customer needs basis.


Please contact to Information & Inquiry.



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